About Us

Who are we?

Tanenbaum Fabrications is the brainchild of Karen and Joshua Tanenbaum.  We are passionate about the convergence of storytelling, technology and maker culture as powerful forces for shaping the future.  We created Tanenbaum Fabrications to provide a context for our work within these three domains, including art, design, technology, research, and more.

josh_aboutusJoshua Tanenbaum is a PhD candidate at SFU SIAT studying Interactive Narrative and Games.  His dissertation is an investigation of how people transform into characters in participatory narratives, drawing on theories of method acting from the performing arts.


Dr. karen_aboutusKaren Tanenbaum recently completed her PhD at SFU SIAT studying adaptivity in tangible and ubiquitous computing.  She also spent a year interning at Intel Labs in the Interaction & Experience Research Group. Now she’s doing contract work for Intel, writing for MAKE and looking for a permanent position in the tech industry.


What do we do?

We make Steampunk-inflected costumes, props, jewelry and artifacts.  We also create participatory, adaptive narratives using wearable and tangible technology.  We write about technology, design, maker culture, Steampunk, and anything else that catches our interest.

More importantly, however, we love to make things: costumes, props, jewelry, interactive and wearable technology, electronics, musical instruments, kinetic artwork, and anything else that we can get our hands on to play with.  We have a particular passion for Science Fiction and Steampunk as broad categories of inspiration for our work.

As researchers we are versed in scholarly practices across a wide spectrum including traditional rhetorical hermeneutic inquiry & criticism, design research & user studies, experimental design & statistics, and ethnographic methodologies.

You can visit our individual homepages linked above for access to our published scholarly writing. We blog very occasionally about technology, interactive narrative, interaction design, and academia in general here: The Geek Movement Blog. You can contact us at {karen.tanenbaum or josh.tanenbaum} at gmail.com