2012 PIE Narrative Hack

May 2012

In May, we both got to take part in a “Narrative Hackathon”, held at the Portland Incubator Experiment and sponsored by PIE, Intel and Oregon Film. Karen helped organize it with her Intel colleagues, and Josh participated as a games scholar and designer. It was a day-long gathering of folks from industry and academia specializing in games, software, advertising, special effects, film, literature and tv, all coming together to theorize about the future of interactive narrative. We had permission to use properties to “hack” with, the SyFy TV show Haven and the sci-fi novel Robopocalypse. It was a really fun day, with a lot of interesting ideas thrown about.

A filmographer and 2 sketch artists captured the conversations throughout the day and did interviews with a number of the participants:

Portland Narrative Hack from Tawny Schlieski on Vimeo.