2012 Bay Area Maker Faire

May 2012

Our first time at the “big” Maker Faire was an amazing experience-packed with people, blasted by intermittent high winds, and capped off with a solar eclipse. Tanenbaum Fabrications was there as part of The Steampunk Academy, a loose group of our awesome friends and colleagues. Josh ran 4 hour-long workshops on Steampunk prop making, and they all went really well. People got really into the process-sometimes so engaged that they didn’t want to leave, and we often didn’t have room to accommodate all the people who wanted to participate.

Steampunk Academy class schedule

Josh prepped the participants by explaining a bit about Captain Chronomek and the fictional universe we were trying to construct around the character. He also went over basic prop making techniques (dis-assembly of old pieces, reassembly into new forms through liberal application of glue) and then let people loose on the bins of parts we had brought with us. He had prepared some suggestions for gadgets and devices people could make, but also encouraged participant’s own ideas.

Steampunk Propmaking Workshops

At the end of the workshop, people were filmed telling the story of their props, and their tales of how the gadgets fit into the Chronomek world are delightful. We hope to get a video put together soon; in the meantime, enjoy these shots of the completed props.  Many thanks to all our awesome participants!

Meanwhile, in another part of the Faire, Karen was running Intel’s booth and helping organize their sponsorship of the Faire. In collaboration with the Lab at Rockwell Group, Intel Labs ran a fun booth embedded with electronics & interactive elements, which visitors could activate by completing simple circuits. See all the details on the blog post Karen wrote for Research @ Intel.